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dedicated server root and managed in Germany, Europe

root server, managed server – dedicated or VM (Virtual Machine) in Germany, Europe, in many datacenters

The NMMN is an ISP based in Hamburg, Germany. The company operates its own network and use colocation areas in many data centers. The team is specialized in root and managed servers, platforms and all aspects of questions in housings. The NMMN is a member of the RIPE NCC, Decix I (the world’s largest internet exchange point in Frankfurt/Main) and II (located in Hamburg), Denic for using german TLD-domains ( and also an eco-member.

If you need a server located in Germany or Europe please be so kind and contact us for an offer.

Managed Server

On request the team of NMMN accepts responsibility for the management of your dedicated server or platforms. The management includes security services, such as updating and upgrading the operating system or other services. Relevant security alerts will fix promptly. Additionally we backup your datas for 90 days daily. We manage your firewall and we we are running a professional monitoring system.


You have full root access to your server.

Hosting and Housing

You need rackspace, cages oder racks? We are a perfect partner for you.

HA-Cluster and Load Balancing

If you need, we are able to serv you with HA-clusters and load balancing platforms also managed.

IP-Transit, PoP or Uplinks

A dynamic routing, multiple redundancies in the uplinks and our high-performance IT Inftrastruktur allows us to offer you IP Transit and Internet access.

Flexibility in all questions of managed server, root swrver, hosting and Housing – we are your partner

You can rent virtual machines, new (hardware) dedicated server or just rackspace. Please ffl free and let us know your wishes in questions server or rackspace and we will offer you a customized suggestion.

More questions

Do not hesitate to contact us,  contactform.

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